Case 21 testing!

This week we will start are Case 21 testing. First we will do the reading test then math! Spring break begins on this Friday! Also after Spring break we will go on are beach trip.

On Thursday we will have our book character parade at 9:30.


Fractions unit and the S.P.C.A


Fractions Unit and the  S.P.C.A

This week we are starting our fractions unit, and we will be doing this unit in math for 2 months it will be are longest unit yet! We will practice adding fractions and learning new vocabulary words! Also we are starting fundraising for the S.P.C.A which is an animal shelter for lost or given away to the animal shelter!




Book fair

This Monday is our classes time to buy books from the book fair. Hogan’s class will  be able to buy books at the Scholastic Book Fair at 10:30 on Monday.  Whalen’s class goes at 2:oo on Monday.   You can buy with cash or checks.  Parents are welcome to come when your child is at the book fair.